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People are Talking about kip and hp wide format service and oce, xerox, kip comparison and alot of other things . . .

read at Autodesk: Discussion Groups
We are KIP Dealers in the . . . area. I am currently in an account who is considering the KIP 3000 and the Xerox 6204. Do you have any comparisons that will help me?
I will get something sent to you or I will post it tomorrow. Have a great day!
In a Google-Mart economy, the customer talks, gets what they need to know, and decides what to buy. What is the power of marketing in this kind of environment? If you don't have fans, you don't got nothing.
Print is power. View at YouTube. Sponsored by Xerox.?
The idea is to gather fans. We'll leave selling boxes to our great salespeople, with less meetings and more selling stuff that people have already decided they need.

We can find out where they live with a good RSS feed and someone paying close attention. We can talk to them by joining and respecting their conversations and no sales blablablaba. If we don't have the right stuff for at that moment, point them to who does.

Meanwhile keep hunting for people who need what we make. Much easier, faster and more productive than trying to "educate" or "convince" or "sell." Besides timing is everything. Educating, convincing and selling does not work any way. It only looked like it works because you came in with the right stuff at the right time. All the rest is blablablablabla.

Building relationships so that your signal gets through the noise makes sense. First the signal has to get through. Then they have to trust that you have their interests at heart. Only then will they give you money in exchange for stuff they need.

So . . .instead of firing people, why not come up with an incentive program to get our experienced people with new found time on their hands to talk to the Internet. I'm betting that changing the decision about health care and benefits would go a long way to getting this independent knowledgeable good people network in place, much sooner rather than later.

It's like crowd sourcing business intelligence and new prospects.

BTW, here's another interesting conversation.

What's on the table is "Xerox Gets Into the Global Sourcing Services Game"

Here are the first two comments:
1. "Wow, this came at an odd time. Contrarian to say the least. Maybe this was a services idea that came out of PARC in the 70s that someone decided to make a facsimile of today."

2. "When one thinks of Xerox, one thinks of copiers. When one thinks of AT Kearney, one thinks of sourcing consulting. It will be a real challenge, I think, to get CEO's/CFO's/CPO's to take Xerox seriously and take a chance.

I agree with your prediction that this offering will quietly go away just like other attempts at this profit-center procurement model have. It's just not the core competency of the organization and non-core competency activities are often cut during recessionary times. I recall one pharmaceutical company that tried something similar and it wasn't long before the company wouldn't even let the consulting team fulfill its paid engagements before disbanding them!

I'm not saying that this will happen with Xerox, but I don't think they are going to find a "build it and they will come" reaction in the market.
And here's one from the Oce Blog in Australia.
How does a company like Vista Print manage to grow by almost 80% in the last year and increase profit by 65%?

On Feb 25, we will show you in a business seminar “Growing Your Business in Difficult Times”, the answers to these and other questions and how you can transform your business into a “super efficient” print business.

Oce is a world leader in digital print production technologies, our expertise extends beyond manufacturing industry leading production printers into workflow and document managementsystems.

Our seminar will look at a number of organisations around the World and in Australia that have been able to grow their business both in revenue and more importantly in profit.
Have you ever wondered why the coolest stuff in English seems to happen in the UK and Australia? I think it's because they live with a lot less noise, so it's much easier for them to get a clear signal from the ground.

At any rate, turns out that People Talk at MediaPost
According to a new study by the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council, with Satmetrix, 58% of the 480 executives surveyed said their companies do not compensate any employees or executives based on customer loyalty, satisfaction improvements or analytics

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