Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Sounds good: Documents: A Critical Business Function

read at ECM connection
"By John M. Kelly, president, Xerox Global Services, North America
As a chaotic 2008 comes to a close and businesses resolve to survive in 2009, document management outsourcing is one way companies can maximize short-term cost savings, while adding value that will prime them for growth in the future."
Since I'm a Print evangelist, I don't know much about document management outsourcing. But, I do understand that we have really cool scanning operations.

Do we have a strategy for dealing with the inroads that Google is making at the SMB level. Consider that Google Aps is reported to have over 1,000,000 users. And they recently announced a reseller program. Maybe it would be a good idea to get Global Imaging to sell Google Aps.

It would make some version of "Google it. Find it. Xerox it. Anywhere" a pretty cool sell. The thing is that if we don't do it sooner rather than later, I can see Kodak or Oce or Ricoh or Google doing a pretty simple modification.

Google it. Find it. Print it. Anywhere.

We do have the great advantage that the following won't work:

Google it. Find it. Kodak it. Anywhere.
Google it. Find it. Oce it. Anywhere.
Google it. Find it. Canon it. Anywhere.
Google it. Find it. HP it. Anywhere.
Google it. Find it. Ricoh it. Anywhere.

On the other hand, if they figure out a way to incent their SMB network to supply leads to their production hubs, faster than we do. Oops.

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