Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Public access TV is going to want to Print stuff

read at turning the tide upstate:
". . . Apparently we aren’t the only ones having trouble with Public Access Cable TV. In Los Angeles, the city government wants to control the channel, and free speech advocates are protesting.

About halfway through, be sure to catch the footage of Illinois State Senator Obama on a local public access cable TV show. Public access may not be grand and glorious, but it’s an independent medium worth preserving, a place where everybody can have their say, whether they are in power in not."
Maybe it would be a good idea to get involved? There are a gezillion public access channels in the US. Probably alot in India. So how cool would it be for them to be able to do ultra niche short runs of stuff printed on the Igen to get into the hands of decision makers.

We could probably print them at the Hatch Center and use them for samples of what our output network, could output in their local regions. Maybe even hire a couple of our recent fires to mentor the thing.

Plus we might be able to get money, or at least cred with the Obama administration. Now that's PR I can believe in!

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