Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A bookstore that prints 3,000 books a month

The tech is in place. Last step is linking them together.
read @ Beyond-Print "“One of these machines, installed a year and a half ago in the bookstore of the University of Alberta now makes about one hundred books a day, seven days a week, including publisher owned custom course books, professor created course materials, out of print and pd titles, custom anthologies, short print runs for small publishers, vanity titles, conference proceedings, user manuals, facsimiles of rare library books, replacement titles for the library and so on. These results can be achieved on the appropriate scale in any of the 4,500 college and university bookstores in the United States and the 200 in Canada; for the smaller ones perhaps through a joint facility
. . . a deal that was struck between On Demand Books (the company that makes the Espresso) and LightningSource last April. (We wrote about the agreement, and a similar one between On Demand books and the German company BoD, back in August: This deal has the potential to make all the books printed at LightningSource – which means a large fraction of all US titles – available for in-store printing.

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