Monday, February 16, 2009

Placeholder until Stream comes to market? . . . or the perfect machine for textbooklets?

Expanded KODAK VERSAMARK VL-Series Systems -
@ WhatTheyThink:
"LUCERNE -- With the addition of four new models, the KODAK VERSAMARK VL-Series Printing Systems family extends Kodak's inkjet leadership and includes six total models to meet the complex needs of a wide variety of users and a broad range of applications. . . .
• KODAK VERSAMARK VL4000 and VL4200 Printing Systems-offer increased speeds up to 410 fpm (125 mpm) with resolutions of 600 x 360 dpi. The VL4000 allows for 1-up or 2-up simplex or 1-up duplex, while the VL4200 allows for 2-up duplex. These models are designed for unique applications such as distributed publishing of newspapers
Might be just perfect for textbooklets.

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Bob Riendeau on Feb 16, 2009 | Reply


Kodak is moving with Kodak momentum with its Stream technology already installed in Ohio at a very large customer. The Stream color breaks the mold as continuous color is typically similar in quality to a business color copier. From what we are seeing off the Stream it’s comparable in many ways to the outstanding color you see of our Nexpress product line. As for Screen Trujet, I am not sure of how its quality will compare to Kodak’s Stream. Read below on our install in Ohio. read the rest at

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