Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Kodak back in the game?

Andy Tribute, one of the most perceptive of those who follow the industry posted a column this morning at WTT.com (subscription only)
These are the words that caught my eye:

@ Kodak's Injet Strategy, February 17, 2009
"These new products make the Kodak Versamark VL range more competitive against the other suppliers’ products. The VL6200 how fully compares against the Oc�2200 in terms of speed at 150 meters/min and I would not be surprised if Kodak does not enhance it further in future for higher speed by dripping the resolution in one direction to achieve higher imaging speeds. The Versamark VL4200 also compares with the speeded up Screen Truepress Jet 520 and IBM Infoprint 5000 that achieve speeds around 125 meters/min by reducing one imaging resolution."
My question is always speed to market. The Screen Truepress Jet is up and running and has customers in Norther New Jersey, today.

The engineering work in Rochester has always been the best. This is just the latest example. But speed to market has always been the weak link. Too much noise, not enough signal.

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