Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Xerox Grants Technical Minority Scholarships - But the follow the money

Very good stuff, but consider. Scholarship money while given to deserving students winds up in the bank account of "educational institution."

Meanwhile the education business is one of the great cash cows in America. A monopoly held together by their own certification. A price that only keeps going up. And every parent in America willingly goes into debt to buy it.

And yet, there are no measures of success.

At the K-12 level in urban areas 50% of the students don't graduate. At community college that stats for graduating are worse. In 4 year college there are no stats for the effect after $100K from the family out the door.

Imagine if we could stay in business and increase our prices with a 50% success rate and no accountability measures. A nice job if you can get it.

As soon as the wave of creative destruction finishes with newspapers, this very ripe fruit is going to fall from the tree.

@ Carnegie Mellon University:

Xerox Grants Technical Minority Scholarships to 122 Students

Xerox Corporation has awarded its annual Xerox Technical Minority Scholarships to 122 graduate and undergraduate students from across the country in recognition of their high academic achievement in the fields of science, engineering and technology. Seven recipients are from Carnegie Mellon."

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