Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Score one for Canon!

@ BusinessWest:
. . . "In 1999, Andrew Associates moved to its present location just minutes away from I-91 in Enfield. Knapp explained that the move to the current headquarters allowed them to focus on printing for the first time. “We started to go into black-and-white digital printing,” she said, “and we have grown that business substantially. We do millions of pieces per year. About four years ago we got our first color digital printer, and started to do color variable pieces.”. . .

But she has installed the newest generation of Canon color printers, and finds that a lot of her work is performed on this machine. “I realized that, with the capabilities of that machine,” said Knapp, “we could expand our business into the creative side of the industry.”

Location, location, location - the defensible advantage on the ground.
Their proximity to both Springfield and Hartford offers a strategic dual front: the company taps into the Connecticut health care and insurance markets, but is also close enough to take advantage of the post office’s bulk-mail center in Springfield, one of only 21 across the U.S"

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