Friday, February 20, 2009

In the UK, Royal Mail goes into the Printing Business

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News of the Royal Mail's new Mailshots Online service caught my eye, the group is obviously targeting SMEs in a big way, as the "Partner for Growth" campaign attests. This latest development is noteworthy because it seems to me that this, and services such as the Unity Hybrid Mail and ViaPost offerings, have the potential to open up a whole new market for print that could be truly enormous.

The Royal Mail bills its service as "bringing the 30 minute mailshot to UK businesses". Enabling SME enterprises to easily produce full-colour personalised mailings, of varying degrees of sophistication, has to be a good thing. The fact that with a few clicks of a mouse users are able to send one mailout or just as easily 100 or 1,000 is going to allow small businesses to experiment with different mailings, different designs, and different frequencies at extremely low cost. And the ability to access third-party mailing lists is certain to have appeal.

I wonder who is getting the clicks?

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