Friday, February 20, 2009

I'm starting to think that Canadians really are smarter

I can always depend on Print4Pay Hotel to post the most interesting stuff about the MFP industry. This morning I found a post with the following byline: CALGARY, ALBERTA (February 19, 2009). That's why I'm starting to think there must be a lot less noise across our northern border.
"In their new promotion, Print Audit will offer dealers Guaranteed Deal Packages, which include one 60-day assessment program for use on any sized customer, online technical and sales training, free award-winning technical support, and a money-back guarantee if the package does not lead to a sale. Additionally dealers can earn a free Assessor use for each assessment they perform that leads to the sale of a Print Audit product."
. . .
Print Audit 5 and the Assessor already have a strong history of increasing sales. The value added by the tools has helped Print Audit’s partnered office equipment dealers bring in $650 million in additional hardware sales to date.

“Print Audit recently helped me uncover the total expenses a trade school in my territory was paying out on a monthly basis,” said Stephen Fogarty, an Account Manager with Zeroid & Company.

“With the help of Print Audit we were able to show the school that they were spending over $8,000 per month, and presented a solution for them to recoup costs as well as reduce their monthly expenditures by over $3,000. For less than the cost of operating their present HP printer system, we were able to upgrade their entire fleet of Xerox devices to 10 units and replace many personal HP printers.”

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