Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Oops! Number 11

20 Reasons Why 2009 Will Be The Year of the Ebook
Already companies are reporting higher profit margins on ebooks versus books. There are so many direct costs involved with books, that now disappear with ebooks, including printing, shipping, and handling. There are also the indirect costs, all the people needed to support that type of operation. Ebooks take away those costs and overhead."
Good for authors and publishers is not great for printers. I'm seeing a problem that needs some very creative solution providers.

Reinventing textbooks, anyone?

The big guys are in the game. The question is only how much are they going to be able to charge. The margins on the web are not the same as margins in Print. Just ask the newspapers.
The new rules are read for free or very close to free, and pay for Print. That means customized Print. That means us. That means more clicks for everyone.

E-books are also becoming increasingly available in the education market. The MBS textbook exchange, for example, offers e-books from many of the largest publishers of postsecondary instructional materials. Higher Ed publishers Pearson, Wiley, Cengage, McGraw-Hill, Houghton Mifflin, and Bedford, Freeman & Worth have created CourseSmart, another e-textbook store, to provide a critical mass of available titles at one site.

The e-book format even empowers educators to assemble components of books into one electronic package. Examples include Primis from McGraw-Hill, and Cengage Learning’s iChapters.

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