Tuesday, February 17, 2009

It's not Marketing. It's Education.

Ellen left a comment on one of Friday's posts. She said,
Thank you for your suggestion. We are proud to already have a partnership with the School District of Palm Beach County called the Oce Future Authors Project, now in its fourth year.

Every summer, we gather a group of middle and high school students for a free eight-day writing workshop taught by licensed language arts teachers and professional authors. Writings produced by the students during the workshop are then digitally printed on Oce equipment. The formal book is then unveiled at a commmunity-wide book signing event attended by local community leaders, politicians, school officials, teachers, parents and other family members. We also invite the media.

The public-private partnerships does fill a void in the District and demonstrates what great education opportunities can be created for students, despite budget cuts and a challenging economy. Local companies, such as BankAtlantic, as well as the Lawrence Sanders Foundation have joined the effort to help cover the costs of the teacher salaries.

To learn more, visit www.oceusa.com/futureauthors

Meanwhile, over at the Motley Fool, Mary953 said,
Oceny is now outperforming beautifully, and there is no financial data to tell me why.
Then I said,
blablablablabla. . . education . . .infrastructure . . . blablablba
Then Mary953 said,
Thank you - Finally a growth industry that I can understand! Publishing/information science driven
Doing very well, by doing very good
Meanwhile, Wall Street is on the prowl for organic growth stories. Advertising and copiers are are stagnating. Education and publishing are growing. XORiHK is implicity the infrastructure for both education and publishing. Plus we make our revenue from maintaining and supplying that infrastructure. Now all we have to do is make the implict, explicit.

Growing infrastructure is a very nice growth story, that has the extra added advantage of being true. So...how about everyone puts less attention on marketing, ROI and more attention on learning and a smarter citizenry. I bet it would get everyone's SG&A down to the Walmart 16+%, instead of the middle 20%s.

Employee to Teacher Transition Program
And . . .we could help our employees make the transition from copiers to education. Changing education is going to need many life experienced professionals. All they need is some training and the certification. Maybe we get a fast track teacher cert program in place and pay for it for all of our experienced, hard working people we can no longer afford to pay.

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