Sunday, February 15, 2009

XORiHK, It's the Print, Stupid.

XORiHK is Xerox, Oce, Ricoh, HP, Kodak.

XORiHK is the Global Print Output Infrastructure. Print output is a truly defensible advantage and the real source of sustainable revenue.

The future of Printing is Distribute and Print. Startups on the Internet are already doing the Distribute. XORHiK can now focus all it's attention on the Print piece.

Meanwhile, the content being organized in the Cloud wants to break out into the physical world of Print. Some of that content wants to be TimeSpace Relevent Print product inserted into the lives of classrooms in K-12. Student Writing? Team books? Yearbooks? . . . . Textbooks?

ECM? Document Management?
Exactly how are you going to be profitable against a start-up that has no legacy overhead? What exactly is the plan to constantly improve and add features in weeks or days, not quarters or years, without a maniacal focused team of experts who are living their passion and free to do it?

According to their website, PBWiki already has over 1,000,000 users. You can try it for free. The entry price is $8/per seat. The tagline on their email says "Over 40,000 businesses trust PBwiki, including 1/3 of the Fortune 500."

The following is a straight cut and paste from their website.

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