Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Could the Color Cube be a Remote Proofer for OPM/PSP ?

From what I remember the solid ink to inkjet technology is very stable. From what I read the color reproduction on a iGen4 is very stable.

So, maybe it would be possible to sell the ColorCube as a remote proofing device that also copies, scans and prints locally. An RGB workflow is better anyway. As long as the images stay in RGB and the flat color is specified in PMS and all the profile information is in place, I would think it should work.

If it's not that hard to do, then the value of the box is the connection to the OPM/PSP. Being embedded in a network gets close to being a platform. In a user network economy, the platform is where you want to be. Remember Microsoft pre Cloud. Consider Google post Cloud.

The good news is that there would be a very natural connection between the PSP and the MPS based on the Color Cube. It's a printernet solution : Any one can print any where any time in any quantity.

Also since every creative department is always very late and very nervous about whether they made the file correctly, the stress relieved and time saved by having a remote proofer disguised as an MFP should be a monetizable value that has a very low cost of delivery.


  1. Dr:

    No Fiery or Creo, can't see it being much use for proofing, am I missing something?


  2. This really needs to be answered by a color engineer, which I am not.

    But, here's how I think it can work:

    1. The printer has to have an RGB color managed workflow. (yes, there are some, not many, that have this.)
    2. The color cube customer gets a color target PDF supplied by the printer.
    3. The printer does a read on the test sheet to get a color profile.
    4. The printer attaches that profile to the PDF that he puts in the Cloud. (email, FTP, website)
    5. The customer pulls down the PDF and prints on the Color Cube.

    Given that the Color Cube is inkjet instead of toner, it should be stable enough to make this work good enough, most of the time.

    No need for any additional hardware.