Sunday, May 10, 2009

Why I Love America, New York City, Brooklyn, the Internet and Print

The first reason is that is where I grew up and have made both home and my living. The second reason is that they are all messy. see snippet below
The Safety Net - For Victims of Recession, Patchwork State Aid
"WASHINGTON — As millions of people seek government aid, many for the first time, they are finding it dispensed American style: through a jumble of disconnected programs that reach some and reject others, often for reasons of geography or chance rather than differences in need."
The internet is messy. New York City is messy. Brooklyn is messy. Life is messy. Biology is messy. Evolution is random mutation and competitive selection. Messy optimizes evolution. New ideas can take hold in messy. Once the internet came into the picture, new ideas can move at pandemic speeds to everywhere on the planet. The clash and mash up of new ideas lead to new opportunities and explosions in social capital. Social capital is the requisite to manage Black Swans.

Print is not messy. It is clear.
When Print is again added to the environment it's possible to fix blablabla in time. Once it is fixed in time, signals can be amplified to get through the noise. The right signals to the right people at the right time lead to increases in social capital. Social capital is the most secure form of wealth. The purpose of civilization is to create enough wealth so that everyone has the opportunity to have a nice day.

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