Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Money prowls. Then Pounces. Donnelley wants to buy Quebecor

The printernet keeps crystallizing.
Click on the picture to see what I\
I would turn Donnelley into a holding company. Let each unit live with it's own P&L. Donnelly DNA + Quebecor DNA? I just don't see it working unless each is allowed to grow unhindered in it's own space, with its own responsibility for making an easily definable profit and incentives aligned.
RR Donnelley makes offer to buy assets and properties of Quebeccor World
"RR Donnelley has offered to buy the assets and properties of its insolvent rival Quebecor World for $1.35bn (�891m) in cash and shares in what would be the world's largest ever print merger.

RR Donnelley informed its shareholders yesterday that it had submitted a written indication of interest to acquire 'all or substantially all' of Quebecor World's assets and properties from the company's debtors."

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