Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Go Kodak! Focus on this piece and everything will turn just fine

The dirty little secret is that contextualized ads, as in Google Ad Sense, don't need color. The need the software to support it. The issue is presenting the exact right offer at the exact right time. Black typography is the best way to do that. Offset printing is the cheapest way to do that. That's transpromo on steroids.

I read recently that Harbinger talked to Larry at Google to get try to convince him to buy his stake in the New York Times. Maybe someone wants to talk to someone to do a partner deal with Google to sell ad sense in print. You've got the right tech. They have the information piece. I've got both of you in my IRA.

Kodak Demonstrates Stream Printhead at China Print - from @WhatTheyThink:
"Wednesday, May 13, 2009

BEIJING, CHINA -- Visitors to China Print 2009 in Beijing will have the opportunity to see KODAK Stream Inkjet Technology. The Stream Printhead from Kodak, the first product to implement this new technology, is capable of delivering monochrome offset class VDP applications at up to 1,000 fpm to commercial offset printers. It demonstrates KODAK Stream Inkjet Technology's potential for inline digital printing with web offset presses and serves as a technology platform for future inkjet systems."

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