Monday, May 11, 2009

More on Color Cube changing the game

from Death of The Copier:
a comment in the Color Cube is a game changer thread:

It creates 90% less waste than laser A3.
has a 3 tiered, meter plan with colour at the cost of black and white. . . . Measures page coverage by pixels. . . I just got training last week on it. I have to say that I am impressed. . . . At the end of the day, it saved customers loads of cash. Not one company can claim the same environmental benefits.

I think edgeline was on the right track but fell short printing in tabloid and struggles with heavy weight paper BUT HP and now Xerox are on the right track.. . . Unreal technology. . . . Game changing for sure."
Then Greg said,
The 3-tier pricing is very interesting and a great thing - how is Xerox going to get the meters read ? Rhetorical question, we all know it will get done.

Another thing, I wonder just how many are really, strongly looking at Xerox in terms of industry leading; both technology and service.

If we leave HP off the table for now - how in the world can Ricoh, Canon, Konica, Sharp or Toshiba going to go after the Cube?

As HP concentrates on the IT world, which is fine, could it be that as once IBM sold more PC's than anyone, HP is following their lead?

Will the day ever come when HP DOESN'T SELL PRINTERS anymore?



  1. I only wish, as a Xerox Sales Agent, that I could start marketing the ColorCube 9200 Series today, but I am on the 4th launch wave to be able to offering this to my marketing area. I think from a technology position it's a Real Game Changer. The theory and application of Solid Ink is a winner.

    I have been in this industry well over 30+ years, and if I wasn't so close to retirement I think I would move to where this product could be marketed today.

    I love technology and Xerox is an innovator! Go Xerox Go – and more is yet to come!!!

  2. While this is no new technology... ie: phaser printer solid ink/crayon tech. the concept is nobal. the reality is that the is process is fair but not great. the crayon technology has and will alway be less than acceptable for the business world and will never be acceptable for Production system... the fact that the "rub resistance" will never be good enough for use with mailing systems or in catalog or sales brochures... presentation material will be fine..

    Again,. this is nothing new... the low fuser tem technology is employeed by many mfg's today... Canon uses a wax polimer with a toner partical to image with.. this leave no residue or chemical matter ... a very clean technology.

    most of the other mfg's use something simular in their business color devices...

  3. anon,

    As far as I can see the no big deal is putting this tech in an MFP and being able to cut color printing costs by analysing the necessary pixel count.

    Are there other boxes that deliver the same experience?