Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Score for Xerox (UK): iGen4 sold to Unite the Union!

I've been on my little soapbox for years about the growth opportunity in education, health and government. Unite The Union is involved in government, health and education.

Wait until they see how powerful printernet publishing can be. Millions of print pieces delivered in the next day, all over the world over night, with a tiny carbon footprint. All the time creating jobs for printernet nodes through the UK.

If they take on the education piece, they could radically improve education, eliminate the textbook oligopoly, and produce sustainable jobs that are not tied to the ups and downs of the advertising business.

Go Unite the Union! Go Dai Davies! Go Xerox (UK)! Go printernet!
Unite buys iGen4 to handle increased demand for its literature
"Unite the Union has upped its capacity for short-run campaign materials with an investment in a Xerox iGen4 digital press.

The press, which has been installed at the union's in-house plant in Hayes, Kent, will mean that Unite can increase the volume of its campaign materials and instructional documents for members – something it has needed to do in light of the current recession."

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