Thursday, May 14, 2009

Money prowls. Then it pounces. Abu Dhabi takes majority stake in Ferrostaal

Ferrostaal is a great example of the User Network Facilitator. If I had to run delivery logistics, I would talk to them to see if a deal is possible. It does the logistics to get just the right stuff to just the right person. They Aggregate OEM products and supply them to OPMs who network with VARs to monetize the value created. It's the same thing independents do but at local, instead of global scales. Since they do one thing, they get better and better at it. It's their core business.

Then one could repurpose headcount to become teams of VARs. Consider independent networked teams of trainers, instead of a training group at corporate that eats overhead. When a new box is installed, hire the installation VAR team to go onsite for two weeks to run the customer's work.

It eliminates the "this machine doesn't do what they told me it can do." And most importantly, it destroys, by example, the "and it's their fault."
Ferrostaal no longer partner of manroland
from WhatTheyThink:
"We’re very optimistic about the future," says Dr. Klaus Lesker, Member of the Executive Board of MAN Ferrostaal. "For our distribution activities in the printing systems sector we can call on a very comprehensive and differentiated product portfolio, which strengthens our market presence immensely. Our distribution network, which has grown over the years, the core of which we established for the printing industry, also makes us an extremely attractive partner for many manufacturers.
. . .
"Our internationality is an important factor for IPIC (International Petroleum Investment Company, Abu Dhabi), our new majority shareholder: our long-term presence in many countries will enable us to open doors for IPIC and facilitate market access. Our own plant construction business will also profit enormously from our international distribution organisation in the printing systems sector. We will utilise our existing infrastructure from the machine business and will thus immediately be able to implement large projects which would not be feasible without this network. We are consequently continuing to expand our international presence.'"

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