Saturday, May 16, 2009

Huge score for InfoPrint and "transpromo" is not about blablabla. It's about numbers.

from Graphic Arts Monthly
CSG Systems Signs Big Transpromo Deal

Firm will print and mail statements to over six million Cox cable customers and unveil a newly designed, four-color statement.
What I heard was that someplace at the center of this deal sits an IP 5000.

It's not "transpromo." It's Google Ad Sense on paper.
In the world before Google, advertising was mostly about blablalba, pretty pictures, the perfect meme and no way of knowing which 50% was a wasted money. It worked ok when there was nothing better and there was lots of funny money to waste.

Post Google, advertising goes back to just the right offer to the right person at just the right time and numbers. Turns out that pretty pictures are not so important. It also turns out that the words should be edited carefully to conform with all the other words on the search page. Yahoo thought it was about banner ads. It's not about banner ads.

Infoprint has lead the most extensive research with lots and lots of numbers. Smart companies manage by numbers, not blablabla. Blablabla is great for real life. But business isn't real life. Business is about making the most money in the most elegant way.

CSG has numbers and analysis and execution in their dna. Infoprint has transactional printing for large smart organizations in their dna. Only makes sense that they would get together.


  1. Michael,
    CSG delivered a Pilot with InfoPrint a few months ago. It is online now at started

    Big deals like the one at CSG (w/Cox) will move the industry forward and continue to mandate that printers must deliver smarter, more relevant communications throughout the multi-channel in order to stay viable.

  2. Lee,
    Thanks for sharing the link. I think it's worth a note that doing this kind of Pilot can only happen when it is supported by really smart teams that have the time to focus on a long term well designed experiment.

    I hope to see alot more of this coming out of the innovation centers that each vendor has set up. Xerox, Oce, HP and InfoPrint have gathered intelligence and focus in physical locations.

    If they would spend less time "educating" and more time demonstrating, as you did at Infoprint, the adoption rate would be much faster and more efficient.

  3. FYI to all.

    There is a typo in Lee's link. The correct spelling is without the space between the g and the s.