Thursday, April 16, 2009

Big win for Quebecor! Multi Year Contract with CVS

CVS is one of the strong players in retail pharmacy. Baby boomers will need lots of pharmacy. CVS has 6,900 retail locations. I wonder who is doing Rite Aid?

A retail pharmacy is a VAR. They combine various products from OPM and present the right stuff in the right form at the right time to the right people.

Printing is a OPM that supplies stuff to VARs to make it easier, faster, cheaper for a VAR to make money. On Wall Street that goes into the business service bin.

A user network economy has three elements, OEM, OPM and VARs.
"Quebecor World's unmatched coast-to-coast network and dual process capabilities allow for flexible and market responsive solutions for CVS Caremark and other leading retail marketers' insert programs . ."
In the jargon of communication ecology, it would be
Quebecor is articulating their OPM printernet to better integrate with the CVS VAR network.
Quebecor, when they emerge from the cleansing bankruptcy process, is going to be a very efficient OPM. Given the continuing explosion of VARs I'm willing to bet they will do just fine. Besides, how wrong can I go when it's .08 a share? If CVS signed the deal, I figure the chances of them going out of business is very small. And the only way to go from .08/share is up.

Added after original post:
Oops! Just read
MontrĂ©al, Canada – Quebecor World Inc. today announces that it has received a written request from the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) that trading in all of Quebecor World's outstanding classes and series of securities currently listed on the TSX be suspended.
Thank you, WTT. I guess I'll just have to wait until they finish the bankruptcy thing.
Quebecor World Awarded Multi-Year Extension by CVS Caremark
"Montreal, Canada – Quebecor World Inc. announced today a multi-year extension of its relationship with CVS Caremark Corporation. CVS Caremark is the world's largest provider of prescription medication offerings and the leading retail pharmacy with over 6,900 stores nationwide. This extension assures Quebecor World will continue to produce 100% of the CVS retail insert program as well as incremental volume from CVS Caremark's recent acquisition of Long's Drug Stores."

Meanwhile on March 3, there is this press release:
MontrĂ©al, Canada – Quebecor World Inc. has further expanded its co-mail offering with the addition of two new 30-pocket machines in the recently opened Somerset, New Jersey consolidation facility. This new capacity allows more publishers and catalogers to take advantage of the benefits of co-mail. This additional co-mail capacity comes on line several months before the USPS price increase giving our customers an opportunity to mitigate the impact of the additional postage costs during these challenging economic times.

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