Monday, April 13, 2009

Ricoh does it again!...printernet printing in the enterprise

When my two favorite windows on the real world of copiers and MPS , MFP Solutions Blog and the Death of the Copier both do the same post on a Monday morning, I'm thinking something big is going on.
A Ricoh HotSpot Printer allows users to print documents securely simply by emailing the file they wish to print to a HotSpot Printer or loading the file to the HotSpot Printer’s webpage. Any user with an Internet-enabled PC, laptop, PDA, or cell phone can use a HotSpot Printer. With HotSpot printing, there is no need for Drivers, additional Software or access to the network hosting the printer!
Ground > Cloud > Print. Anywhere.

If a printer on a desktop is functionally equivalent to an OPM/VAR anywhere on the planet, the printernet is revealed. Millions of Print products delivered within two days anywhere on the globe with a minimal carbon footprint. Distribute and print.

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