Tuesday, April 14, 2009

CNBC says personalized print saves Newspapers! Where's the market for versioned newspapers Pt 3.

Ok, it's only a blog post at CNBC and fair enough, the blogger is Ron Coughlin senior vice president, Worldwide Marketing, Imaging and Printing Group HP. But the issue is that CNBC ran it. And a Sr Veep at HP took the time to write it. Nice post, by the way. Most definitely worth the click.

Given the recent buzz in the blablabla-o-sphere, can you see what I'm seeing. I see the window opening. But trust me, this is going to close in about a year. When CNBC gets it, the signal is going to break through the noise. Then it's all about price, price, price. Much lower margins when the window closes, then when it starts to open.

Go Print!
HP? Oce? InfoPrint? . . . and bringing up the rear with Stream, Kodak . . .

Can Digital Technology Save Print? - CNBC Guest Blog - CNBC.com:
"Some would say that newspapers’ circulation, readership and revenue declines are directly caused by digital technology. But I contend that it’s actually new digital printing technologies that could very well be the savior of the printed page.

Could personalized newspapers, specifically printed to meet the needs of an individual reader, alter the fates of publications slated for the chopping block? I say there’s a strong reason to believe so. Before we call it quits for print, let’s be sure to take a fair and balanced look at the industry and all of its technology options, just as we would expect any good newspaper article to do. Given the current environment, technology could very well provide the type of transformative impetus that could keep the newspaper business relavant and viable for many years to come.

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  1. There has been growing concern on the future of print media especially with so many publications throwing in the towels due to financial problems. Thanks for the nice post about us :D really appreciate it!

  2. My sense is that we are starting to see the light and the end of the Print is Dead tunnel. The newspaper conversation has taken a real turn in the last week.

    Now that the financial meltdown is getting a bit under control, at least in the States, I think we are all going to go back to the real economy, where the real challenges are. The real economy means Print.

    As for the post, I did mean everything I said.