Tuesday, April 14, 2009

WTT: Consider going over to YouTube

As you may know, I really like WTT.com. They make my kibbutzing from the sidelines so much easier. I wait for the morning email, it's usually there by 5:00 am EST. I pick my way through the latest and the greatest, then have an easy time bloviating. Monday's is usually the best because I can reasonably expect Dr Joe to do some heavy lifting that gives me an easy peasy blog post. This Monday morning's post.

This morning, I got an email that took me to a link for a video on Erasable Paper, an interview with Maggie Ochs. You also might know I think erasable paper is a game changer for Xerox MPS. I took the click. I heard "Hi, this is Gail Nickel-Kailing, and I'm here with Maggie Ochs . . . and then it froze the browser. Every time I try to view a video at WTT, it does the same thing. It's probably me, but I'm much too cranky to care if it's me. Then I have to force quit. Then I have to reopen the browser. Then it happens again.

My humble suggestion to my dear colleagues. Put the video on YouTube instead of whatever you're using. Set up a WTT channel over there. Embed the video on WTT.com. Put ads against the video at YouTube. I never, never had a YouTube video lock my browser.

Even better, how about a transcript in addition to or instead of the video? I hate spending the time watching a video when I can get the information in print so much faster. Meanwhile, I'll try again in a little while, when I have the time to see if waiting for it to load will make a difference.

Will Maggie Ochs suggest a release date? Stay tuned. As sound as I find out, I'll post it here. Here's the link to the video: 04/14/2009 - Maggie Ochs of Xerox Talks About Erasable Paper.

FYI I get the same customer experience over at Digital Nirvana.

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