Monday, April 13, 2009

UPS vs Staples? UPS Stores' printernet to launch in May

@ Beyond-Print -
"But the more intriguing aspect of the system involves a central web site where corporations can put their print-ready collateral files. Salespeople in the field can then log in and have materials printed as needed at the nearest UPS Store or Mailboxes, Etc. location. Since there are 4,400 stores across the US, and since more than 50% of the US population is within 2 miles of a store (and 80% is within 5 miles), the system has the makings of an ideal distribute-and-print operation.
. . .
Initially, the system will use Nowdocs software to handle the front-end e-commerce aspects of the network. Later, UPS/Mailboxes expects to develop custom software for this.
Here's the cool part:
Jobs that are too big for the smaller stores in the network will be farmed out to partners. These can be larger stores in the area, if there are any, or other nearby digital printers with more capacity.

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