Friday, April 17, 2009

InfoTrends engages the Newspaper + Digital Printing question

Over at Digital Nirvana, Bryan Yeager has started a focused serious discussion about the opportunity for digital printing and newspapers. It's called, Digital Print: The Next Frontier for Newspapers?

The answer to the question is "Yes." I might have titled the post: Newspapers: The Next Frontier for Digital Printing.

This window is going to close in about a year. The early adopters will be replaced by "just the way we do business." Market share usually happens when early adopters spread the word of mouth. It's going to take lots of marketing and advertising and salespeople time to combat word of mouth.

Once newspapers see the opportunity to replace K-12 textbooks, it's going to mean an under capacity, instead of an over capacity problem.

Free Advice for Kodak, Oce, HP, and anyone else who is looking at the newspaper space.
Corporate time is not going to get to first mover advantage. Low hanging fruit falls in real time.

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