Friday, April 17, 2009

GO Xerox! (in India)

There's nothing like being in growth market. Since Russia imploded and the oil prices stabilized, India is the next big thing. I say one out of three is not all that bad. By the way, what's going on in Brazil? Ricoh? Xerox? HP? Sharp?

Anyway, from the snippet: So whereas the print industry is going at about 12.2 per cent, digital print is going almost at about 25 per cent,

12 percent growth for printing?
25 percent growth for digital?

Now if the accountants would separate out the Indian numbers and the 25% earned from Fuji-Xerox that would make me much happier when I think about my IRA.

One quibble. In the story, Vipin says
The three mega trends Personalization, Collaboration and Digitization will continue to be our driving forces in our business. The digital world of today and tomorrow will continue to drive these mega trends and Xerox will continue to build on its legacy of innovation.
I don't know how this plays in India. But in the States, innovation is scary. it might be exciting for vendors. But if you look at the other way around, no business wants exciting. Business wants boring.

The "big mega trends" are the growth of smb all over the globe and the disintegration of big companies into small companies. Economies filled with small companies are resilient. The best response to Black Swans is resilience. The world is a never ending series of Black Swans.

Personalization, collaboration and digitization are scary things in the real world. Earning money to keep a business happy is not scary.

It's not fear and greed. First mitigate fear. Only then is greed on the table. Once greed is the topic of discussion it's possible to have a rational conversation. Fear makes a rational conversation very hard, whether it's a high school classroom or a business meeting.

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Ask someone what is the Xerox v HP v Ricoh v Oce v some-company-I-never-heard-of market share in India. Which company has growing market share? How much? Over what time frame? "The overall market opportunity is huge" is an old story. While you're at it, see if you can find out whether that $12,000,000 + $125,000 thing is true. If it turns out to be true, see if you can find out which genius thought that was a good decision.

Xerox logs on to innovation to strengthen market - CIOL Interviews:
"BANGALORE, INDIA: The India digital printing industry is on a high growth mode despite the worsening economic conditions. As printing houses are increasingly shifting to digital printing a more complex and competitive printing environment has taken shape posing new challenges to the vendors.

Vipin Tuteja, executive director, Production Systems Group, Xerox India, talks about the market conditions and the strategies of Xerox India in this interview with CIOL. Excerpts:

CIOL: Has the digital printing industry been able to maintain the growth rate seen over the past decade? Where does Xerox stand in the Indian market ?

Vipin Tuteja, Executive Director, Production Systems Group, Xerox India

Vipin Tuteja: Xerox India calculates that the Indian digital printing market will grow from US$504 million in 2006 to as much as US $2.5 billion by 2012. So whereas the print industry is going at about 12.2 per cent, digital print is going almost at about 25 per cent, so the growth is enormous."

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