Monday, April 13, 2009

The Wall Street Says News-on -Paper is the way to go.

Well, not exactly. But if you read the full column it turns out that the basic understanding was well articulated in the 1950's. No internet, no blablabla. Here's a snippet.

L. Gordon Crovitz Says Bernard Kilgore Knew How to Make Old Media New Again

"If readers would prefer more-compact city newspapers, a less-is-more approach could help cut newsprint, printing, distribution and other costs that don't add to the journalism. Newspaper editors could craft a new, forward-looking role for print, alongside the what's-happening-right-now focus of digital news.

There's a lot of experimentation by editors around the country to find out what people want from their print and online news. For city newspapers on the brink, the Barney Kilgore approach might deliver some badly needed good news."
Less is more sounds like versioned newspapers to me.

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