Monday, April 13, 2009

Direct Mail is a shrinking market

Print Media Matters: Direct mail in transformation: "A recent report from the Winterberry Group analysed the Direct Mail trends in the USA. One of the most important conclusions is that, under influence of the recession, the use of mass mailings is shifting to more targeted direct mail. In 2008 direct mail spending declined 3%, this is the first decline in more than 60 years."


  1. Thanks for the info. This will reallyhelp us plan our marketing budget better.

  2. Just checked out your postcard site. Nice work.
    My two cents, the stat cited is a big overall stat. My bet is that for local, small business you've got it right. Why not link up with local newspapers to sell newspaper ads + a postcard marketing program with the same sales person and the do it yourself version of your site.

    There is a very neat way to sell newspaper ads.It's called They say they are putting together an affiliate program. Like it's also a DIY website.

    Postcard marketing + newspaper ads = mulitchannel marketing for SMB. It should work.

  3. Just one more note; The stat cited is for the States. We already have more direct mail than anyone could want. Don't know how this plays in other parts of the world where direct mail is not a normal way of doing business.