Thursday, April 16, 2009

Why Wall Street Can't See Print. Is it them or is it us? Both

At Schwab
Kodak is in the Leisure Equipment and Products bin.
Oce is in the Office Equipment bin.
Ricoh is in the N/A bin.
Xerox is in the Office Electronics bin.
I assume that HP is in the "Technology" bin.

From what I can figure from scanning the PR releases.
Kodak is in the Digital Imaging business.
Xerox is in the Document business.
Oce is in the Printing Business.
HP is in the Computer business.

From what I see on the ground,
The interesting business is the printing business. But everybody is really bored by the printing business. Just like utilities are really boring. Me, I like boring.

Restructuring is very difficult. Just ask AIG or Merrill Lynch. On the other hand, J.PMorgan and Goldman did just fine. The question about refocusing is not should it happen. The question is going the easy way or the hard way. Quebecor is going the hard way. But they will be a much better company for it. I'm hoping all the print vendors in my IRA take the easy way.

And meanwhile, money continues to prowl.

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