Sunday, April 26, 2009

HP turns DNA into genes. Organizational genes often move to a more habitable environment.

That's the danger of globals "buying channels" or roll ups "organizing the sector" or "synergies" that never pan out. If you're not really careful the DNA that created the value in the first place devolve into the component genes. Genes are very mobile. They leave for greener pastures. Meanwhile the globals keep firing people instead of reducing SG&A. No wonder they are so confused.

Instead of nurturing their human capital they unthinkingly destroy it. Instead of doing well by doing good, they do sort of ok, by doing really crappy.
from A Death of The Copier
Execs Leaving HP:
"Predictably, EDS executives leaving HP. Wonder if they will end up at Lexmark, Dell, or CISCO.

Hewlett-Packard Co. confirmed on Friday that as part of the recent merger and integration of Electronic Data Systems, four EDS executive leaders will be leaving their posts as the company realigns its structure."

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