Sunday, April 26, 2009

Thinking Point: The mysterious value of print.

Print makes it easier to see "observable diversity of the arts..." by making them sit still long enough for compare and contrast. That's why Print enabled the explosive spread of scientific thought models in Europe in the 1500s. Mysteriously, it still does the same thing 500 years later.
@Hoover Institution - Policy Review
The Aesthetic Urge
The interaction between our physical and psychological nature and our social and political nature formed a being of fantastic complexity and interest:

"As much as fighting wild animals or finding suitable environments, our ancient ancestors faced social forces and family conflicts that became a part of evolved life. Both of these force-fields acting in concert eventually produced the intensely social, robust, love-making, murderous, convivial, organizing, technology-using, show-off, squabbling, game-playing, friendly, status-seeking, upright-walking, lying, omnivorous, knowledge-seeking, arguing, clubby, language-using, conspicuously wasteful, versatile species of primate we became. And along the way in developing all of this, the arts were born."

The observable diversity of the arts reflects man’s manifold nature.

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