Friday, May 1, 2009

What happens if you miss the next phase

Bloomberg and Klein have done more than anyone in recent memory to improve NYC schools. But it seems they were'nt prepared for success. So instead of building the brand, they've given an issue on a spoon to Mike's political opponents.

Just goes to show:
1. No good deed goes unpunished.
2. Be prepared for success as much as for failure.

It's a tough job. But that's why Boards of Directors and CEO'S get the big bucks. As the late Smith Barney used to say about money and earning and old fashioned way...."we earn it."

Stop firing people. Figure out a way to repurpose them. When this turns around you are going to feet on the ground. Everything else is blablablablablabla.

Waiting Lists for Kindergarten Put Manhattan Parents on Edge -
from the "As a growing collection of Manhattan’s most celebrated public elementary schools notify neighborhood parents that their children have been placed on waiting lists for kindergarten slots, middle-class vitriol against the school system — and Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg — is mounting.

Parents are venting their frustrations in e-mail messages and phone calls to the mayor, local politicians and the schools chancellor, Joel I. Klein (“You have unleashed the fury of parents throughout this city with your complete lack of preparedness,” read one father’s recent missive, which he shared with The New York Times)."

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