Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The labor pool in the states to reinvent textbooks.

One teacher + one journalist + one designer + the printernet = customized print that works, instead of one size fits all textbooks that don't.

Looks like we have the journalist part covered see snippet. The teacher part is easy. I know designers who would be great and would love the work.

The only thing left is the printernet.
Journalism Bust, J-School Boom -
"The Pew Research Center estimates 5,000 newspaper jobs were lost in 2008. Since 2001, more than 10,000 newspaper journalists have lost work, leaving the total count of those still employed at 47,000 nationwide. It's getting worse, fast. Erica Smith, who runs the online layoff tracker Paper Cuts, counts nearly 7,500 newsroom jobs lost so far this year.

Yet punishing times for journalism have been an unlikely boon for journalism schools. Would-be Woodwards and Bernsteins hiding out from the bad economy or learning new skills to compete stormed the admissions offices of top-tier programs last fall. Columbia, Stanford and NYU applications increased 38%, 20% and 6%, respectively, from the previous year. Same thing at state schools. The University of Colorado (up 11%), University of North Carolina (up 14%) and University of Maryland (up 25%) all saw gains."

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