Sunday, April 26, 2009

Thinking point: Newspapers and education

There is much blablabla about the internet eliminating the boundaries of space. In fact, the internet changes artificial boundaries. That means things like nation states and global corporations. When artificial boundaries are eliminated, then natural boundaries take precedence.

It's also why liberal democracy emerged in Euro-America and the economic engine is moving back to Asia after 400 years wandering around the West.
@ Foreig Policy:
The Revenge of Geography:
"We all must learn to think like Victorians. That is what must guide and inform our newly rediscovered realism. Geographical determinists must be seated at the same honored table as liberal humanists, thereby merging the analogies of Vietnam and Munich. Embracing the dictates and limitations of geography will be especially hard for Americans, who like to think that no constraint, natural or otherwise, applies to them. But denying the facts of geography only invites disasters that, in turn, make us victims of geography."
To get a granular description of what "education" looks like in one specific space/time for high school kids, check out this post.

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