Friday, May 1, 2009

Thinking Point: managed Print solutions

Following a tweat on Greg Walter's blog, I got to this interesting article. From the UK.
to fully outsourced deals that manage all aspects of the print infrastructure."
"Fully outsourced deals" is what I'm trying to capture with the Printernet. The real obstacle is the cultural divide between MFP folks and commercial printers. Whoever solves it first is going to have a too-much-demand problem, in my not so humble opinion.

Fully outsourced deals is BPO. Start with the internal print piece or start with the external print buy. The end game is the same.

Channelling managed print solutions -
01 May 2009 - CRN:
"The MPS market is nebulous due to manufacturers’ varying approaches – which range from entry-level services wrapping up hardware sales with supplies and maintenance, typically on a cost-per-page contract,
By the way, she thinks that the Xerox XPS is quite good.

In effect, instead of building their own service infrastructure, they can resell an MPS as a white-label service provided by a manufacturer.

Examples include HP Smart Printing Services (SPS), Kyocera UK’s KYOprint Pack, Lexmark Value Print and Ricoh’s @Remote programme.

One MPS programme that stands out in relation to its range of training and support for resellers to manage multi-vendor environments for SMBs is Xerox Printing Services (XPS).

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