Monday, April 27, 2009

Wouldn't it be cool to have the printernet to do the Swine Flu Cards Rush job

see snippet at the end of the post

the PDF's could already be in the file servers of 1000's of printers around the world. And the cards could be delivered tomorrow morning. Maybe those folks could be the little engine that could. They seem to have great PM. Plus the website is already up and running. Or maybe the good folks at the GPO?

Maybe someone wants to call the Department of Homeland Security. After all, the Defense Department invented the internet. A couple of million dollars and this could be up and running in a couple of weeks. All the pieces are already on the ground. Just needs a little cash flow and a couple of teams of awesome project managers. I figure 4 teams. Three people on a team.

How's that for economic stimulus, job creation, enhanced security and spade ready? Besides once it starts up we can fix high school education in the bargain.

Rush Job: Printing Yellow Swine Flu Cards -
4/27/2009 9:42:00 AM - Graphic Arts Online: "Graphic Arts Online, 4/27/2009 9:42:00 AM
As the U.S. declared the outbreak of swine flu a public health emergency yesterday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said it was preparing for the massive and rapid printing of traveler information cards explaining the flu symptoms and precautions to be taken. According to the CDC’s Dr. Anne Schuchat, 'We are working rapidly to prepare yellow cards to hand out at the airport for travelers, giving them information about the signs and symptoms to look for and how to report illness. We've done that in the past for various kinds of outbreaks.' The “yellow cards” would be handed out to air travelers at the nation's 16,000 airports. So far, 20 people in the U.S. have been diagnosed with the flu, which has killed 103 in Mexico--believed to be the epicenter of the outbreak. So far, people infected in the U.S. have had mild cases."

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