Monday, April 27, 2009

Versioned newspapers: Tipping points happen in the last mile

The laser printer + Postscript was the last mile for desktop publishing. The fiber optic into the house was the last mile for cable, then lost their monopoly with satellite, which goes directly from the Cloud to the TV.

For print, binding is the last mile. Digital newspapers will tip because Hunkeler spent 10 years perfecting a binding system for high speed digital print boxes.

Tipping points don't happen quickly. Until they do.
Product of the Week: Duplo DPB-500 PUR
"Increased demand for short-run digital books has meant many finishers have turned to PUR as an alternative to traditional hotmelt, finds Barney Cox

Digital print, and, in particular, the burgeoning photobook market, has been the main driver behind a move towards PUR-glue single-clamp perfect binders. This part of the market produces short runs and single copies with a typical total throughput of a couple of thousand books per day."

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