Friday, May 1, 2009

Go Xerox! (India)

If Xerox trained their excess talent to do call centers in the US for India they could get a lot more people in the Cloud to help the feet on the ground.
Xerox to focus on digital printing market in south
"As part of its strategy, Xerox will create more awareness about its recently launched certified economic value (CEV) facility, which helps customers get their second-hand or used digital printers recycled or upgraded at lower cost. “CEV facility saves at least 50 per cent cost on technology upgradation and refurbishing of old printers. We will create more awareness about this facility in remote parts of the region,” he said.
Xerox will take the initiative of developing the market in at least 70 smaller cities and towns in the region through road shows and advertising to popularise digital printing and will also associate with state-level printing associations. “We had tied up with Karnataka State Printing Association to launch our first digital printing learning centre in the state two years back,” he said"

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