Thursday, May 7, 2009

blabla point: Versioned newspapers instead of K-12 textbooks

The grown ups in Washington are cutting education programs that can't prove they work. Textbooks don't work to nurture learning . . . tick, tick, tick
@Politics K-12:
More Education Programs Get the Axe in Obama's Budget Proposal:
Yesterday it was Even Start. Earlier this morning it was gifted education.

Now the White House has announced a few more education programs that it would like to see Congress scrap in the fiscal year 2010 budget.

The list includes: Civic Education, which received about $33 million in fiscal year 2009. That program pays for the We the People program, which, ironically, got a lot of kids I talked to in Indiana interested in volunteering for President Barack Obama's presidential campaign.

The budget also proposes getting rid of the $2 million Close-Up fellowships, which provide grants for students to visit Washington, and the $2 million Academies for History and Civics, which provide intensive workshops for teachers and students in those subjects.

Also on the hit list . . . ."

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