Monday, May 4, 2009

Oops! What exactly are the college textbook publishers going to do. Printers? Printernet publishing and versioned newspapers

Thanks to BR for the point.

My bet is that it's going to be Flat World Knowledge or a copy cat
The New Kindle
. . . the New York Times which is said to be partnering with Amazon on the larger Kindle.
Large-Screen Kindle Won’t Mean Squat if Apple Tablet Arrives

A Reader the Kindle Should Fear: Plastic Logic
some other e reader that hasn't yet surfaced.

If I Ran The Zoo (1977) Dr Seuss Softcover
If I ran the zoo, here's what I'd do:
1. Don't hire. Don't fire.
2. Figure out a new commercial model for college textbooks.
3. Do a proof of concept much sooner rather than much later.
4. Run the numbers on the leanest SAG that supports that model.
5. Consider networking with one of the on demand book or versioned newspaper print manufacturers.
6. Focus on the supplemental pieces in print.
7. Keep your fingers crossed.
8. Remember that K-12 textbooks are next.

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