Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Newspapers added to the IRA

This is one of the reasons I added GNI to the IRA. Design thinking should get there faster, rather than slower.
Innovation: Big Changes at Detroit Newspapers in Print and Online -
from the wiki The Next Newsroom Project: "Gannett is working with IDEO across it's whole company, not just Detroit. They've really embraced the IDEO process."
As for MNI, I heard they are great outfit. As of yesterday, no doubt a nice day for money, the IRA is 22% to the good on GNI and 10.75% on MNI.

Besides, on Wednesday Amazon is having a press conference with some big wigs from the NYTimes. Then the blablabla is going to be "newspapers are coming back" and blabla digital blalbla internet, and Money might decide that it isn't the end of print or newspapers.

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