Thursday, May 7, 2009

Data Point: One voice on Oce Versioned Newspaper Print Quality

from Print CEO - Printing Industry News Blog -
HP Open House at O’Neil Data Systems:
"By Lou Berceli on May 7, 2009

From the dozens of very challenging press sheets I saw from the Oce JetStream 2200 in 2008,(which included some traditional color calibration print evaluation test forms) on both coated and uncoated stock, I know that the Oce JetStream inkjet full color process print quality is clearly SUPERIOR to most of the best offset print quality that has traditionally used 175 or 200 line screening. The smooth tonal gradations and color saturation I saw with JetStream 2200 printed samples reminded me of the highest end 10 and 20 micron Stochastic FM Screening offset litho which I have printed and won several national print awards for. This level of Inkjet print quality at 400 feet per minute is revolutionary."
Added 5/7/09 5:23 PM EDT
To read different viewpoints, you have to check out the discussion at PrintCEO Blog.
Andrew Tribute from the UK, Andy McCourt from Australia, Noel Ward from the States. It's all star cast.

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