Friday, May 8, 2009

Data+Blabla point: Listen to Jeff Bezos. It's about textbooks, not magazines . . .and versioned newpapers

FYI: Here's what response time looks like to win. The window for versioned newspapers is one year, starting now.
Customers may pre-order the device at It will begin shipping this summer.
Kindle DX Launches With Larger Display :
By Janet Spavlik : @Publishing Executive:
"Instead, Bezos emphasized the Kindle DX’s size as suitable for textbooks and other highly formatted books such as . . .

Bezos also announced partnerships with both textbook and newspaper publishers. Cengage Learning, Pearson and John Wiley & Sons—which together represent more than 60 percent of the U.S. higher education textbook market, according to Bezos—will begin offering textbooks through the Kindle Store beginning this summer.
. . .
The Kindle DX retails for $489. Customers may pre-order the device at It will begin shipping this summer.
Add versioned newspapers and customized Print, and the shouting is over and the train leaves the station.

If I Ran The Zoo (1977) Dr Seuss Softcover
If I ran the zoo, here's what I'd do if I were not Pearson, Willey or Cengage:
1. Look very closely at the Flat World business model. Invest in. Buy outright. Or copy. (You probably don't have enough time to copy.) Why? Read my column published February 25. Read for Free, Pay for Print
2. Consider making the deal with Apple if the big iPhone comes out.
3. Consider making the deal with Plastic Logic when their reader gets to the States.
4. Consider making a deal with Wikipedia + Google + Number 1 or Number 2.
5. Look very closely how to compete with printernet published newspapers and personalized collateral. IMNSHO, in my not so humble opinion, that's what's going to win.

More of what I'd do at yesterday's post.

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