Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Datapoint: The Consolidated Graphics Printernet

Following a link from the discussion at PrintCeo about the HP Open House in LA, I got to this:

Founded in 1906, CDS Publications specializes in bound publications, including books, catalogs, magazines, brochures and instructional literature. Our web and sheetfed presses economically accommodate any quantity and our comprehensive bindery offers a variety of finishing options. We have been ISO certified for 20 years.

Go Consolidated Graphics!

Maybe while the global Board of Directors focus on the stock price and the best way to present the financials, you will become the AlcelorMittal Steel of Print. Donnelly is too slow and Quebecor World will take a little while to get back in the game. Given Cenveo's recent decisions on Anderson, I don't think they have the right DNA.

Full Disclosure:
I added CGX to the IRA. I'm betting they are a winner over the long term.
Go Print!

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