Thursday, May 7, 2009

Wow! Is this the game changer from Xerox?

While I have studied and have lots of experience in formal education systems and selling print on the ground, I can only see MPS from 30,000 feet. But, it sure sounds like Team Xerox got this right. . so far. As of 5:55 PM EDT, there were 25 hits on Google News.

The short story is that XRX is releasing a $20,000 MSR full function MFP that effectively prints color at the a very close to average price as black and white. The secret sauce is getting the solid ink to print at 85 ppm and a software program that only uses as much color ink as necessary. Since most business documents with a logo in color use 5% of page in color, it allows 63% savings on average per color page.

I'm waiting to see what Art Post says at Pay4Print Hotel's MFP Solutions to see what this means from the ground up point of view, but it sure looks like a very big deal from here.

Now comes the big question:
Will the feet on the ground turn great tech into great sales?

I've always believed that Xerox DNA is about the office. That's what makes the production printers a little harder. But this one seems dead on to what made Xerox, xerox.


  1. As they say, the devil is in the details. As long as the unit works well, giving awesome color prints at a great price point, there is no reason why this cannot become successful.

    I agree with Xerox DNA being all about "office". This has come after a long time for Xerox - an office solution with great potential

  2. Here ya go:

    Who's Afraid of Xerox ColorQube?

  3. Philip,

    My concern is time to market. I understand that orders can be taken as of now. That's good. The next question is how long it will take to fulfill those orders. If they have machines ready to ship, the competition is going to be fierce.

    My other concern is how fast are the Global/Comdoc people going to be able to move. It's not like back in the day when "owning" a channel insured market penetration. I assume, but don't know, that the drip, drip, drip of layoffs and uncertainty has a price in morale. Ground forces run on morale.

    Art, always has a good window on the voice of the independents, said "Who's Afraid of the Xerox ColorQube?"