Sunday, May 31, 2009

Android/T-Mobile + CodeZ QR + YouTube + the printernet = teachable moments and reinvented K-12 textbooks.

The link:
Google’s Android mobile operating system could be running on 18 devices by the end of the year, Google also expects 20 new handsets to be on sale as well, according to Andy Rubin, Google’s senior director for mobile platforms.

Google is involved in discussions with “eight or nine” manufacturers, working on Android-equipped phones, for the effective roll out of the devices in the coming months. At present, the only two Android phone manufacturers on the market are the G1 in the US, and the HTC Magic in Europe.

from Codez QR Home
"CodeZ QR generates QR codes from simple desktop word processors all the way up to the publisher’s data center document composition engines for printing on every printer in the enterprise. CodeZ QR’s support of variable data publishing engines allows publishers to encode a subscriber’s demographic data in each ad for ever more informative analytics reports."
The Next Textbook
A Print artifact with words + diagrams + CodeZ QR from COPI.

The Unit is World War II in the Pacific
The words and map in Print come from wikipedia:

The Pacific War was the part of World War II—and preceding conflicts—that took place in the Pacific Ocean, its islands, and in East Asia, between July 7, 1937 and August 14, 1945, with the Allied powers against the Empire of Japan, the latter aided by lesser extent by its Axis allies Germany and Italy. The most decisive actions took place after the Empire of Japan attacked various countries, most notably the Bombing of Pearl Harbor in the United States Territory of Hawaii, who together came to be known as the Allies (or Allied powers). The Pacific War culminated in the Atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki by the United States, resulting in VJ Day and the end of World War II on August 15, 1945. The unconditional Surrender of Japan occurred aboard the USS Missouri

The kid points to the page, clicks and watches this video on her mobile.

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