Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Gordon Brown needs Clickable Print + Printernet Publishing

Government still working - Harman:
Ms Harman says Gordon Brown will lead Labour into the next election Harriet Harman has attempted to dismiss speculation about Gordon Brown's future as the government faced accusations it is in its 'death throes'.

Labour's deputy leader insisted the prime minister had a plan to lead the country and said that cabinet government was functioning normally. She told Today: 'I don't accept that he can't keep a grip on government.'"

Click on the picture to see what I\

I would send this link to someone in the Labor Party. The subject line of the email says: "Here's a new media that can get your story to everyone." The body of the email says, "Feel free to schedule meeting to discuss how this can work for Labour. I suggest your PR people, Press Secretary and advertising agency is at the meeting."

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