Monday, June 1, 2009

Clickable Leaflets for Politicians: Imagine if there were a printernet

The headline is Vote for George Alexander for MP

Step one:

the words Printed on the leaflet

MP expenses: Darling faces pressure

Chancellor Alistair Darling is facing renewed pressure over his expenses after it was reported that he claimed second home allowances on two properties at the same time. Mr Darling had earlier been urged to quit by Liberal Democrats who said he had been "caught with his fingers in the till".

Leaked records showed that in July 2007, 10 days after becoming Chancellor, he submitted a £1,004 claim for the service charge on his south London flat, the Daily Telegraph reported.
It said the charge covered the period up to the end of that year by which time he was also claiming second home allowances on his grace-and-favour Downing Street apartment. from Google News the Press Association

Step two
variable QR codes Printed on the leaflet: to go to the full story or to the video or the other video or James Alexander's blog.

Step Three
Watch the video on your cell phone or netbook

or this video

You Tube says this is:
"One of the three DA songs that was specially produced for the DA and part of a campaign where CD's are handed out to taxi drivers."

Homework assignment

In 500 words or less what politician running for office would not want to buy this? Especially given that he would learn how many people from which block went to the video. For extra credit, how many digitally printed clickable leaflets = the cost of handing out CDs? Which is easier to listen to a CD or a cell phone?

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